The “Balkan Association for Dispute Resolution” is an alliance for private benefit between representatives from 8 different countries – Bulgaria, Macedonia, Turkey, Romania, Greece, Croatia and Montenegro.

What is our purpose?

The main purpose of the organization is the distribution of the process of mediation, the development and аffirmation in the above stated territories.

The popularization of this process as a way of resolving international and intranational disputes is of high importance for the social development and growth, for the reason that mediation assists for conflict resolution to happen in a more intelligent and peaceful manner. The ideal is that through this method all conflicts and discrepancies will be straightened out peacefully at their very conception.

What is our mission?

The mission of the association, unifying countries of the entire Balkan Peninsula, is for every member, through the support and cooperation of other representatives and parthners, to validate and develop the mediation as an extrajudicial procedure, as well as to affirm the moral principles, stands and culture needed for the implementation of mediation in general.  

First of all, this process changes the way both parties perceive the dispute and the way they come out of it, by reaching a consensus, based on compromise and furthermore – by their own will and conscience, not by the will of a third-party, such as a judge.

Additionally, the mediation benefits the judiciary, by giving it a chance to focus and dig into more serious issues and conflicts that are unable to be solved by the process above.

Representatives of the following countries