“Balkan Association for Dispute Resolution” (BADR) is certified as a training organization under License No. ЛС-04-45/ 08.01.2016 of the Ministry of Justice. The BADR offers high-quality professional mediation training in accordance with the requirements of the Bulgarian Mediation Act and Ordinance № 2 dated 15 March 2007 on the terms and conditions for approval of organizations which train mediators; requirements for training of mediators; the order of entry, exit and deleting mediators from the Unified Register of Mediators and the procedural and ethical rules of conduct (“Ordinance № 2”).

Upon successful completion of the course the participants will obtain a certificate for successful completion of certified training course for mediators and will be entitled to register with the Unified Register of Mediators in Bulgaria, by which they will be able to operate as mediators.

The certified mediation training is a 60-hour program which combines theory, discussions and experiential practice. It is divided in two theoretical levels and a meditation practicum.

The mediation practicum is designed to improve the gained theoretical knowledge in a simulated environment (mediation procedure) mediating live cases with highly skilled mediation coaches. Each participant in the course shall take part in at least three simulated mediation procedures.

Participants develop their mediation skills further through workshops, role-plays, interactive exercises, as well as individual exercises. Each participant receives in-depth evaluations of their skills development from coaches.

After completion of each level the participants hold a test which aims to verify the acquired knowledge and skills. The certified mediation training finishes with an exam held by a committee to the Balkan Association for Dispute Resolution including a test, participation in a simulated mediation procedure and discussion.

The participants who successfully pass the exam will be issued a certificate of completed mediation training course in accordance with Ordinance № 2 dated 15 March 2007.